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Dear our Valued Customers,
Nowadays, with the advanced production techonogies, a green, economic and energy – saving production that can minimize the risk of unqualified outputs is not only the demand but also an obvious requirement regarding production method for the organization to survive and develop.
Buidling up a culture of clean, green and saving production (Eco-production) is one of the core values that can ensure a stable development for the business. Currently, not only the government of developed nations but also the Governemnt, enterprises including FDI enterprises in Vietnam have focused on updating the manufacturing technologies including information technology applications to maximize the profit yet minimize the negative impacts on the environment, save resources and reduce unqualified products to gradually build up a culture of eco – friendly production.
Understanding the values of a green production where materials and other resources including equipement, machines are recycled and reused often by advanced cleaning technology to the establishment and development of a green, clean and economic culture for an enterprise, Ecotech Vina manufacturing and supplying joint stock company (ECOTECH VINA) was founded by the leading experts in electric automation, green and safe technology, Environment. The operating orientation of ECOTECH VINA is to support our partner enterprises in production cleaning process and optimizing production performance. 
According to such orientation, ECOTECH VINA commits to deliever the leading products and services to our customers. With the significant effort from our customers and the support with ECOTECH VINA service, we strongly believe our customer will successfully build up an effective, eco-friendly and safe working environment with zero NC that is complied with the Law of Vietnam as well as interntational regulations.
Best regards,
Ecotech Vina Clean room facilties have been setup and operatating according to ISO 14644 – 1, the International Standards Organization stipulates the international standard cleaning room as following.
For the quality control, Ecotech Vina has developed, certified with ISO 9001; besides the environmental management system ISO: 14001 has been also achieved and applying continuosly in our factory.
It gives us most delight to gain recognition and praises from our clients. 
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